An idea that has captivated cultures from all reaches of the world and time, rejuvenation – the process of becoming younger – is the subject of many myths, experiments, books and legends. Present in ancient cultures from across the globe, rejuvenation continues to be explored even today. In ancient Egypt the moon was the symbol of rejuvenation due it its cyclical patterns of waxing and waning (growing, becoming full, decreasing, disappearing and beginning again). Ancient Chinese medicine saw the development of techniques intended to reverse the aging process. Expeditions were launched that searched for rejuvenating objects, pearls and fountains among them. The fascination with achieving eternal youth is as old as life itself.

Now in a modern world, the desire for monetary stability and material comfort is being met by more and more people. As they begin to look past this comfort, they turn their interest to securing good health and achieving longevity. With the increased attention, different industries, including scientific, medical and genetic research, are all examining the potential for longevity and rejuvenation. In the future, this interest will only grow.

One important perspective is how to achieve rejuvenation through natural methods, meaning extending your lifespan and maintaining good health, youth and vitality through means other than medical, scientific, cosmetic, or other man-made methods. The natural method of rejuvenation is multi-faceted and requires a few stages.

Ancient Chinese diagnosis identifies the imbalances of the body and its energy. Through the use of herbs and altered diet, issues are confronted and internal damages are fixed and, ideally, reversed.

Another requirement is the change of habits and lifestyle. Healthy patterns of sleep, exercise and relaxation go a long way in balancing the energy. All three, but especially relaxation, release built up stress, which can cause blockages of energy, keeping negative energy static. A healthy routine of habits maintains the flow of energy, balancing it.

Lastly, people must understand that emotions and behaviors are also linked to the health of a person and influence the ageing process. Intense, excessive and negative emotions increase the presence of negative energy, throwing the body into imbalance. Through the management of emotions and behaviors, a person can ensure that positive energy is balancing the Qi within them.

If longevity and the reverse of aging can be achieved in a natural way, people will feel truly young, and it will cause them to feel more energetic, have better relationships and enjoy a longer life. Anti-aging and the reversal of aging positively affect all areas of life.