Why we need Qi Rejuvenation

In our modern age, new developments come from the scientific and medical communities virtually every day. Still, despite these rapid advancements, the health of the population continues to deteriorate; many people still suffer from bad health that can’t fully be treated by modern medical and scientific remedies. Before people can begin to prolong their lives and achieve rejuvenation, the state of poor health must be addressed. Rejuvenation requires a good quality of health, so first people need to focus on achieving and maintaining well-being.

Western medicines continue to treat individual and obvious symptoms, rather than the source of the problem. By only healing symptoms, the root of the problem can worsen and exhibit new symptoms, without ever being treated. When the origin of the sickness is allowed to continually affect the body, good health will never be achieved. It is similar to a weed: if you want to remove the weed, you can’t simply prune the leaves and hope that the weed will stop growing. Instead, the weed keeps flourishing, sometimes stronger than before. The only way to ensure that a weed does not grow back is to remove the root of the plant.

The basic foundation of health is the correct balance of energy within a body. If health is addressed at this root level, if the energy is treated rather than just symptoms, the ailments will not only be healed, but will not return in the future. Qi rejuvenation, the process of balancing energy to achieve perpetual youth, is essential in attaining longevity because it works at the very foundation of health. Qi rejuvenation operates at the root of health – the body’s energy – which then affects the entire body’s health, just as pulling the root of a weed affects the entire plant.