Aiping Wang Fulepp

Aiping Wang Fulepp - Qi Expert

Aiping Wang Fulepp Work

For almost 30 years, Master Aiping Wang Fulepp has extensively practiced, developed and researched areas of life energy and Qi. She created a simple, yet powerful system of natural healing, called Shen Qi. Employing her method, Aiping Wang Fulepp has worked with thousands of clients in Europe and the United States, treating and curing physical and emotional energy imbalances. She is a respected teacher, who educates students using her basic Shen Qi principles, so that they may heal and prevent energy instability in themselves and others.

Based on aspects of Energy Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and silent Qi Gong, Master Wang Fulepp’s Shen Qi centers on the idea that Qi (life energy) is the foundation of life; the flow of fresh energy is important in achieving health, peace, longevity, and happiness. A pioneer in the discipline, Master Wang Fulepp adeptly uses her knowledge and services to restore and uphold balanced energy.

A native of China, Aiping Wang Fulepp’s career has followed traditional lineage customs; according to ancient customs, masters use their expertise to pass down insight to students, a new master rising with each generation. Master Wang Fulepp learned and expanded on the existing understanding of natural healing and energy balance. As a master, she passes her knowledge on to students, who then use her philosophy as a foundation to develop their own ideas and treatment methods.

The Future

Aiping Wang Fulepp is now interested in the ideas of rejuvenation and anti-aging. As time progresses, more and more people will begin to look at these ideas from scientific and medical perspectives. Master Wang Fulepp researches rejuvenation and longevity achieved through life energy and proper balancing.

Master Wang Fulepp’s teachings and practices have inspired many students. This website has been created based on her methods and ideas surrounding natural health, inner energy balance and the very real potential to reach longevity and rejuvenation in the not too distant future.