Since the times when humans began to question themselves, began to ask why we are here and what is the purpose of life, they have also asked what is death and is it possible to slow down the ageing process and thus live longer and more healthily. Ageing has thus been seen as many as a curse, a necessary and inevitable part of living. So, ageing is normal.

Fruit ripens on the trees and on the ground, and then we see that everything in life grows old and dies… but just look at the evolution in human beings. They are growing to be older and older and now scientists say living to be 1000 (see Aubrey de Grey’s Ending Aging) is possible – at a price. They predict that you will be able to transplant all your organs and/ or slow down the ageing process with genetic engineering and all sorts of other techniques. But this is not natural and the inner essence of the person will not be renewed and re-charged, unless their Qi is renewed and recharged. That means that we might end up living in a completely robotic body, with our brains living out a synthetic existence, with God knows what kind of consequences for humanity.

And thus we face a dilemma – do we go for the new age hi-tech but unnatural way, with many side effects and a lot of scientific research on human guinea pigs… or do we try and find a new, natural and organic way to stay young and healthy?

Now, many people are rejecting western science and medicine, mainly because of the side effects and horror stories that we hear, after so many mistakes are made and so many people’s lives become more and unhappy due to their addiction to medication.

Slowly, visionaries are saying that there is another way, that with lifestyle changes and the use of healthy foods and supplements and other energy or Qi based techniques, it is indeed possible to slow down and even reverse ageing. The key, however, is the Qi.