About Qi

Qi is the Eastern word for Life Energy or Life Force. As the force that makes everything move and happen in the world, without Qi life would not exist in any living thing – animals, plants, insects or humans. Just as oxygen is both essential and unseen, Qi is not tangible. However, the movements of Qi can be felt and seen in the motion of life.

Take for example electricity: though you can’t see electricity itself, you can see it at work affecting things all around you, powering lights, toasters, kettles, and innumerable other things. If any of these things are not connected to a source of electricity, they completely lose their ability to function. Likewise, just as machines need connection to a source of energy, we too need to be connected to, and receive, life energy in order to be alive. When the connection to life energy is lost, life stops.

A strong connection that gives us lots of energy is the best connection; the more energy we receive, the better the quality of life we will have. By taking control of our lifestyles, we can alter the amount of energy we receive, and with the increase in fresh, positive energy also comes the increase of positive changes on our lives. More energy leads to higher spirits, more ideas, greater strength, better creativity and increased decisiveness. Besides the great effects on our abilities, new energy balances the body, improving the condition of our health. Overall, introducing a balanced flow of energy is the most direct way to transform our lives in a positive way.

Since Qi is the force that makes everything flow in the universe, our capacity to hold positive energy grants us the ability to accomplish beneficial actions and exhibit useful behaviors. Successes in life – business, relationship and general triumphs – are often the result of this balancing. Given its ancient origins in the East, many in the West have yet to learn about Qi. Thus there are many great developments that have yet to be made to advance this new area of knowledge and infuse it with the modern world around us.