Modern Living, Stress and Qi Rejuvenation by Aiping Wang Fulepp

One problem affecting plenty of people today is stress and the pressure it puts on our inner ecology; people have begun to see that this tremendous tension adversely impacts their health and the quality of life they live. To resolve this, we must rid our bodies of stress and welcome peace and balance. The foundation of health is our energy, or Qi, as it is known in the East. Stress forces the imbalance of positive and negative energy; allowing negative energy to block the flow of fresh, clean energy. The stagnation of energy can result in our physical and emotional health suffering. The increase of negative energy in the body can cause aging to become more rapid and intense, increasing in conjunction with the level of negative energy.

Many modern issues trouble our world today, be they financial, political, ecological or otherwise. We desire to fix these global issues, but before we can truly focus on the world around us, we must first balance our own energy and health, so that we can confront broader troubles with vigorous spirit and positive energy. Educated improvements to Qi, then the proper upkeep, ensures that we will have a good quality and amount of energy. Only when we achieve the correct balance of inner energy will we be prepared to face global challenges.

Apart from global betterment, improving our own energy level will offer us a higher quality of life. Stress exhausts great portions of our energy. However, by learning how to manage stress, our ability to balance positive and negative energy is improved and the flow of quality energy is boosted, which then helps regenerate and replenish wellness in our internal organs and health systems, even to the very core, at our cellular levels. Once regeneration and replenishment are achieved in our bodies, it becomes possible to slow down and even reverse the aging process. One important method to accomplish this is through Energy Training, which includes a constructive lifestyle, relaxation, physical exercise and participatory health treatments. Energy Training can lead to lifelong health, longevity and overall, a higher quality of life.

Besides gaining the ability to solve individual and global issues, people who reach this quality of life – health, happiness, longevity, and positive energy – also become more creative and innovative. The benefits of people realizing this balance could lead to much-needed advancements in the world around us.